The Superior Spider-Man #003 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Dan Slott
Illustrations: Ryan Stegman, Giuseppe Camuncoli, John Dell
Coloring: Edgar Delgado, Antonio Fabela
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

The Superior Spider-Man #003 – Comic Book Review

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Two months have gone by, and like clockwork the next bundle of The Superior Spider-Man has finally hit the store. While the second bundle truly showed the beginning of how Dr. Octopus was putting Peter Parker’s body to good use, time is slowly going by and thus he has truly been making the most out of his new host body, while Peter has been a lingering spirit who can only watch in silence. Nonetheless, for an ex-villain it seems Doc Ock has this superhero thing well under control. Prepare yourself for a Spider-Man that might actually be superior.

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It has been two weeks since Octavius has taken over the body of Peter Parker, and this means he also took over his life. While initially it all boiled down to becoming the world’s biggest villain, thanks to his intellect and Peter’s mutated superhero body, Doc Ock is actually saving other human beings. He did not only increase Spider-Man’s efficiency by performing more effective patrols, he is also using his superior intelligence to create robots that can scout the environment for him and warn him when something is amiss. He even took great leaps in Peter’s personal life by finally putting an end to his relationship with MJ, who he loved deeply, but it simply did not work out but no one wanted to take the step of ending it.

While it’s clear that Dr. Octopus did a great job in putting some structure in ‘’Peter’s’’ life, all while Peter’s spirit was actually looking over Doc Ock’s shoulder, there is still work to be done on the superhero front. The Vulture is wreaking havoc on the entire city and Spider-Man is the only man for the job, especially when even Jameson asks for his help. Whilst the ‘new’ Spider-Man is able to capture him, he does it in a fashion that makes Cooper suspicious of whether it’s truly Peter under the mask. Nonetheless, he is able to persuade her after stating the reason of his rather violent apprehension of the aging winged villain, and he scurries on to the next case. It seems Massacre has escaped and is putting his old murdering ways at play once again.

The flow of this bundle is not that fast, as it pretty much handles Octavius’ behavior on how he is handling the apprehension of bigger villains. This means that the three issues in this omnibus pretty much all handle the same topic and thus there is a tad less actual action, rather than the patterns of thought that spawn forth from both Doc Ock and Peter’s spirit, as they compare how one another would handle the case(s) at hand. Dan Slott certainly shows he’s rather versatile when it comes to handling different aspects of the superhero universe.

Illustration wise things don’t change that much and stay rather detailed, at least when things remain zoomed in. Details tend to fade when characters and other items are fading a bit more to the background, but the overall experience proves to be rather pleasant.


The Superior Spider-Man #003 is a rather interesting album, as it also shows us how a super-villain handles the superhero job, compared to the actual, and original, hero. You’ll dive into the psyche of Dr. Octavius in his spiffy new body, while things get a bit more violent in the Spider-Man universe.

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The Superior Spider-Man #003 – Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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