The Superior Spider-Man #008 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Dan Slott
Illustrations: Ryan Stegman, John Livesay, John Dell, Giuseppe Camuncoli
Coloring: Edgar Delgado, Antonio Fabela
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

The Superior Spider-Man #008 – Comic Book Review

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Octavius is on a roll, now that he has completely wiped out Peter Parker’s consciousness from Ock’s newly acquired body. He is getting more and more used to using Peter’s body, and he is trying to lead his own life, but it seems that there are still obstacles to overcome, especially now that the Green Goblin is recruiting more and more troops on the underworld, some people are suspecting him to be different, or simply not ‘Peter Parker’ anymore, and he also has his thesis coming up. The latter should of course not be a problem for Octavius’ extraordinary mind, in the youthful body of Peter Parker.

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The story of this bundle is rather hard to describe, as it’s the interlude of a new story arc, where the Spider-Man of 2099 ends up in our timeline, protecting Stone from the current Spider-Man, who is actually Dr. Octavius in Peter Parker’s body. Stone proves to be a risk for Doctor Octopus’ plans, and thus he wants to get rid of Stone, in order to put his own plans in motion. Nonetheless, the future Spider-Man can’t allow this to happen, as he is a direct descendant from Stone, thus he would be wiped out in the future, but it would also wipe out his biggest enemy, thus at a certain point he is actually doubting if he should not let Octavius do his bidding. That being said, this Spider-Man also notices that ‘Peter Parker’ isn’t really Peter Parker anymore, and he clearly isn’t the only one that smells trouble with the newly so-called improved Peter, and Cooper might just have proof that something’s fishy.

Dan Slott makes things slightly more complicated by messing with two timelines, all while Octavius is putting his own personal plans in motion, while having to deal with Stone, who is proving to be a liability for everything the ‘new’ Spider-Man wishes to achieve. The Spider-Man of 2099 is thrown into the mix, which tosses the story in a new direction, now that an equally matched superhero is added to the equation. Nonetheless, it seems that Doc Ock still has a lot of plans up his sleeves.

Illustrations have not changed that much, but the characters have slightly less rounded facial features, thus making everything a tad more realistic and serious, which is great, as things are truly ‘going down’ during this story arc. The colors are fairly dark, which again emphasizes the direness of things to come.


The Superior Spider-Man #008 feels like an introduction to a new arc, where a lot of things are still to come, which makes it feel a bit like an ‘in-between’ omnibus, rather than a full-blown new storyline. Nonetheless, this issue is packed with action, new characters and new possible directions the story can head in, which will certainly make you wonder what will happen during the next few issues.

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Rating: 7.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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The Superior Spider-Man #008 – Comic Book Review, 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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