The Superior Spider-Man #011 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Dan Slott, Christoc Gage
Illustrations: John Dell, Terry Pallot, Giuseppe Camuncoli
Coloring: Antonio Fabela
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

The Superior Spider-Man #011 – Comic Book Review

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You may have noticed that we’ve been wrapping up several of our Marvel omnibus reviews, simply because the Dutch translations are reaching their end. These bundles have been rather fun to wade through, even though the original works have been out for several years, making them dated for several hardcore fans. Nonetheless, it’s fun to see  these comics get bundled in a semi-hardcover format, which look damn fine on your bookshelf. That being said, last time the city was pretty much on fire due to the Gobling King, being no one else than Normal Osborn himself. Octavius is slowly being driven into a corner, having to slowly admit defeat and not being in control of Peter Parker’s life at all. We also found out that Peter Parker is still somewhere inside his body, albeit in the deep unconsciousness of Doc Ock’s mind.

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The newly crowned Goblin King knows who hides within Peter Parker’s body, and thus invites Octavius to join his evil empire, albeit as one of his minions. Dr. Octopus immediately declines, thinking he can outsmart the green lunatic, but before long he finds himself at the mercy of the crazy bomber, as the spider army is being destroyed, his bots are rendered useless, his loved ones (or rather Peter’s loved ones) in danger and his own head on the chopping block. It’s unsure even if it will be enough if Spider-Man 2099 and the Avengers lend their help.

Even though at the ending of this issue a lot of open questions remain unanswered, the series still gets a fairly fitting end, which feels more like the ending of an arc, rather than an actual individual series. Nonetheless, things have to go rather rapidly at the ending of this saga, and thanks to this you’re rewarded with loads of action and many twists and turns before the curtain finally falls. If you loved the series so far, the finale is something that was worth waiting for.

Again illustration wise not much has changed, except for this issue being completely depicted in the dark, as night falls not only literally, but also metaphorically for certain characters. Everything feels slightly more grim and desperate, but the overall ‘comical’ style remains the same, making this a very coherent and consistent series when looking at the overall style and quality of the illustrations.


The Superior Spider-Man #011 brings a proper ending to the series, albeit in a way a bit predictable. That being said, the suspense levels were pretty much off the charts in this one, and it was filled to the brim with action scenes. A fitting ending to a very interesting series.

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Rating: 7.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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The Superior Spider-Man #011 – Comic Book Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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