The Surge 2 – Prepare for even more ferocious combat!

The Surge 2 – Prepare for even more ferocious combat!

The Popular hardcore Action RPG: The Surge is getting a sequel! Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 will team up again to make the development of The Surge 2 another success.

Fans of The Surge will be pleased to know that the Surge 2 will include every element that they liked from the previous game but improved and expanded. Those elements include for example the dynamic limb targeting system, hardcore combat, and the deep character progression.

Deck13’s upgraded and improved engine makes that The Surge 2 will have a larger and more ambitious level design. The limb targeting system is getting even more options in the sequel, which will require even more strategy for the ferocious combat. Players will be able to build their character how they please by using a diverse arsenal of implants, drones, weapons and even bigger selection of abilities. There will also be a multitude of new enemies and bosses for players to defeat.

The Surge 2 will be released on consoles and PC in 2019.

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