The Technomancer shows off its combat styles

The Technomancer shows off its combat styles

We’re one week away from the official launch of The Technomancer, a sci-fi RPG set on Mars. Earlier this month we could already take a look at some gameplay and watch a brand-new E3-trailer focussing on the red planet itself. Today, The Technomancer released another video showcassing some combat styles and hostile environments.

Mars contains a lot of vicious and unknown creatures which hide in dark on dangerous places all around the planet. Unfortunately, it’s not always going be those creatures alone you’d have to face because other human survivors can be just as dangerous. Mars got isolated from Earth and multiple enemy factions have risen, trying to get their hands on any kind of power they can get.

The way you wanna face those creatures depends on your playstyle. You could choose the steatlhy approach and try to sneak behind them or you could try to confront them face-to-face by using any powers you have in your possession. You can upgrade your powers by spending points in the skill tree, but you’ll also have access to 2 exclusive upgrades changing the way your power behaves. These powers, in combination with any handpicked talent, will heavily change your playstyle.

The Technomancer introduces three different combat styles: staff-based, weapon-and-gun based and mace-and-shield based. Each of these styles has their own unique skill tree in which you can gain access to new skills or choose to upgrade a skill you already own. Upgrading your arsenal will be very important as well. When you’re wandering the dangerous places on Mars you’ll find new weapons and armor, or you can choose to buy some new gear to better fit your playstyle. You can even choose to upgrade your gear by using the available crafting slots or you can make gear yourself by finding blueprints.

The Technomancer will be available June 28 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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