The Town of Light – Mental Health awareness in a positive light now also on the Switch

The Town of Light – Mental Health awareness in a positive light now also on the Switch

A psychological adventure has arrived to the Switch!

The Town of Light was created to bring positive mental health awareness. Developers of the game had the desire to tell the stories of people held within psychiatric facilities in the mid 20 century. To truly show how much they care about mental health, Wired Productions and LKA are giving 10% of net proceeds to Safe In Our World.

“We’re excited for Switch gamers to finally be able to get their hands on The Town of Light today,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions. “We’d like to thank gamers for their patience while we worked to create this edition. We recognize the road has been long, but we truly believe Renée’s story, and the history of the hospital at Volterra, is a powerful message that deserves to be shared; so we’re delighted we’re finally able to bring this compelling experience to Nintendo Switch.”

The Town of Light was first released for the PC and then later on a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version launched. Finally, after being in development since 2018, the Switch version of The Town of Light is here. The Switch version is actually a deluxe version that features, exclusive making of content and documentary footage from the real Psychiatric Hospital of Volterra.

We already reviewed the PC version of the game, which you can check out here.  

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