The types of symbols in Wazamba casino slots

The types of symbols in Wazamba casino slots

Modern slot machines can sometimes surprise with their visual performance, theme, and the presence of additional functions. But the mechanics of them are generally similar. Slots, presented in Wazamba casino at the link, make it possible to make a profit if certain symbols appear on the reels, each of which has its own unique meaning. Consider the most common symbols and tell you what advantages they give to players.


Wild symbols are one of the most common and popular symbols in slot machines on the Wazamba casino website. They replace others that appeared on the reels to create a winning combination. This property makes the Wild symbol especially useful for players who call the main purpose of being on a gambling site the opportunity to receive winnings. In addition, some slot machines offer various modifications of Wild symbols, for example, Expanding Wild or Sticky Wild, which offer players unique opportunities.


Scatter symbols usually trigger a bonus round or free spins of the Wazamba casino slot machine. To activate these bonuses, players do not have to line up Scatter symbols into a winning combination, they can simply appear on the reels. Some entertainment offers many different bonuses that can be activated with Scatter symbols.


Bonus symbols trigger a bonus round or other additional features. They can appear on any drums. In order to trigger the bonus, players need to collect a certain number of them on the reels. The bonus round is what perhaps every user of Wazamba casino is waiting for, because in this case, it becomes possible to significantly increase the amount of the initial bet.

High payout symbols

High payout symbols make it possible to get the biggest winnings in a certain Wazamba casino slot machine. Usually, they depict various objects, characters or pictures – it all depends on the theme of the entertainment. Payments for them can be significantly higher than for others. Users need to build a certain combination on the reels to activate them.

Low payout symbols

Such slot symbols offer smaller payouts than high payout symbols. They usually depict letters, numbers, or other simple images. Although the payouts for them are low, they can still help players maintain their account balance, allowing them to continue to have fun.

Multiplier symbols

These are symbols that increase the amount of payment for a winning combination. They can increase the payout by two, three, four or even more times. To activate the multiplier, the gambler will need to build a winning combination, in which there is a symbol of this multiplier.


Jackpots are symbols expected by all gamblers. Such symbols give a potential opportunity to get the whole bank, and usually, it is quite a decent amount. To win the jackpot, players need to build a certain combination of jackpot symbols on the reels of the slot.

Jackpots can be fixed or progressive. In the first case, the amount is predetermined and does not change over time. In the second, it changes depending on how many bets players have previously made. And, the more of them there were, the higher the size of the jackpot will be. In online casinos, sometimes you can see slots, the jackpot amount in which is even several million dollars.

Each symbol on the reels performs its own unique function. And to get the most out of the game, the gambler should definitely know their meanings and what exactly they are needed for, what advantages they have and what they allow you to get. This information can often be found in the descriptions for entertainment.

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