The Ultimatest Battle – Review
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Developer: Ediogames
Publisher: Ediogames
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

The Ultimatest Battle – Review

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Nowadays Steam has quite a lot of free to play games with lots of them being average or just very bad. Being the first game that the French Ediogames has ever published this could be their rise or immediate downfall. We got to test every aspect and were a bit surprised!


In terms of story, this game doesn’t have much to offer. There are a few different characters alongside a few different game modes but the characters nor the modes have a background story. Ediogames has definitely put the focus on entertaining online battles rather than putting a decent story mode in the game, but let’s hope, since the game gets frequently updated, they might just yet add some sort of story mode.


Everything is in a 2D hand drawn sort of style, and it looks pretty basic as a matter of fact. The maps and characters don’t have very much detail, the weapons have a bit more details to them but still look rather simplistic. The good thing is that this game doesn’t need all those beautiful graphics to be entertaining as it is. Everything looks just the way you would expect it to look. A diamond for example looks just the way anyone would draw a diamond. Now you’re probably wondering what the purpose of a diamond is in this game. The game has a huge amount of  funny weapons, from a grenade launcher shooting explosive diamonds to a rabbit mini gun shooting crap. All of these are buy-able and obtainable either by playing the game or buying them with real life money. Because these aren’t too different when looking at statistics, the game is rather pay-to-be-badass than pay-to-be-good. Although all these weapons play almost exactly the same as the basic weapons it makes it real fun to play with these different looking weapons just because of their hilarious, badass or cute appearance.



Once more this game doesn’t have much to offer when talking about the music. Every map has its own music style but it gets boring, repetitive and irritating after a short while. You’ll probably end up having more fun playing with a nice playlist of your own music playing in the background. There’s also a too big amount of explosions that eventually will make your ears bleed -which is of course an exaggeration but you get the point. To finish off there’s no character sounds at all, which is a shame because it would have given them more personality.


As a 2D platform game that is free to play, the game does actually really well when it comes to gameplay. The controls are easy to pick up and the objectives are pretty straightforward as well, you’ll just need to go left or right, make a jump from time to time and keep spraying with your grenade launcher or swinging your sword defeating your opponents alongside defending an objective or princess from time to time.


There are six different game modes, and also a quick play option which just gives you a random game mode. These game modes vary from the regular team deathmatch mode to the double princess mode in which both teams have a player that plays as a princess. In this game mode both teams protect their own princess trying to take down the opposing princess as well. Besides these six game modes there are also six different characters to change the battles up even more. These vary from the casual soldier character to the miner character, who is able to construct obstructions or dig tunnels. All these characters have their own advantages such as for example the ranger is the only character able to perform a double jump. For some more online fun there is also the possibility to build or join a guild. You can also trade weapons with guild members or people on your friends list.

theultimatestbattle4The game also plays well with just the trackpad, so whether you’re seated at your desk all prepped ’n ready or casually sitting in your sofa watching mom’s favorite talkshow you’ll be able to ace some ultimatest battles either way. So because of the basic movement, which is easy to pick up after all, there are really no disadvantages when it comes to gameplay.


The Ultimatest Battle is a simplistic free to play 2D platformer with basic graphics and unnerving sounds but really entertaining gameplay. Expectations aren’t usually high for a free to play game, and The Ultimatest Battle does miss a few bits and pieces to make it the best free to play game in existence but it delivers really well. An added story or campaign mode would’ve been really great, a bit more added personality to the characters would have made it more fun as well, but once you get used to the game and accept the game just as it is, you’ll definitely be spending a decent amount of hours playing The Ultimatest Battle!


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The Ultimatest Battle - Review, 8.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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