The Unliving leaves Early Access this month!

The Unliving leaves Early Access this month!

RocketBrush Studio and Team17 Digital have jointly revealed that their action RPG, The Unliving, will officially launch out of Steam Early Access on October 26th. This eagerly anticipated game merges rogue-lite and real-time strategy elements set in a dark fantasy world, following the vengeful journey of a Necromancer. The Necromancer’s relentless pursuit is fueled by a desire for an antidote to mend his shattered soul, sweeping through the land, striking down foes, and reanimating the fallen.

Key Features of The Unliving

  • Undead Minions: Fallen enemies transform into unique undead minions that the Necromancer can summon to bolster his undead army.
  • Sacrificial Spells: The Necromancer can sacrifice members of his undead legions to unleash potent spells capable of altering the course of battles.
  • Hand-Drawn Levels: Immerse yourself in the meticulously crafted and highly detailed pixel art chunks that procedurally generate the world of The Unliving.
  • Persevere Through Death: With each permadeath, players are resurrected, retaining their progress. Necromantic resources gathered can be utilized to restore the citadel hub world and empower the Necromancer.
  • Challenging Boss Fights: Face formidable bosses, each with unique fighting styles and abilities, representing the last hope of the living to vanquish the Necromancer.
  • Unravel Necromantic Secrets: Encounter fellow members of your necromantic cult and interrogate enemies to uncover the truth behind the Necromancer’s immortality and the unnatural powers he commands.

Having made its debut on Steam Early Access in November last year, The Unliving has seen a series of updates and enhancements to enhance gameplay ahead of its full launch. These include the addition of a new game mode, implementing quality-of-life features based on player feedback to streamline the gaming experience, and refining the Horde mechanics for optimal performance. Players can look forward to these new features and more when The Unliving unleashes its full potential on October 26th.

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