The Walking Dead and Invincible add-on pack for #IDARB

The Walking Dead and Invincible add-on pack for #IDARB

In celebration of Robert Kirkman’s well known comic series’ The Walking Dead and Invincible, Skybound Interactive and developer Other Ocean have brought us and add-on pack for #IDARB for Xbox One. Available to purchase in-game and on the Xbox One Marketplace for $2.99 in the US, €2,99 in the EU and £2.39 in the UK, it offers the following features:

  • Two new arenas with unique play modes, with walkers and other hazards in The Walking Dead arena, and a sky-high battle in the Invincible arena
  • Two new half-time minigames, where you must fight for survival in ‘Halftimenstein’, a FPS classic; and ‘Sky Knights’, where heroes go head-to-head to joust for victory
  • The Walking Dead and Invincible teams and hashbombs

The add-on is available now, so go check it out!

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