The Walking Dead: Season 4 (DVD) – Series Review
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The Walking Dead: Season 4 (DVD) – Series Review

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Series such as Lost or 24 created a trend, namely squeezing out seasons like there was no tomorrow. Luckily, most of these series were often good enough to pull it off, yet sometimes it felt as if these series would have been better with a quicker ending. The Walking Dead season 4 however, feels like the series is certainly reaching a new peak.


Season 4 picks up where the last season ended and thus the band of unlucky humans, finally find their spot in the deserted prison and finally there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps one can spend their lives here, in peace, with enough supplies and sustenance in order to grow old, build a family and simply survive. All was well, for a while.

You’ll see a development as to Rick’s personality, hoping that he can leave the blood and gore behind and show Carl a more peaceful path as well. Killing ‘Walkers’ is now replaced by growing crops and keeping animals for food. Nonetheless Carl seems to be wanting more action or simply ‘help’ the rest of the group. He wishes to rid the world of more walkers. Sadly, it seems that not only the Walkers threaten this peaceful existence, but more humanoid factors are creeping in slowly. Confinement can cause illnesses, people taking desperate actions and of course a fortress of such a magnitude will surely lure more people, that wish to have this place as a safe haven as well.

Another moral topic is brought up during the course of the season; namely how children can cope with the current way their world currently is. How can one understand that people are dead, yet seem alive in some kind of fashion. This brings us at Lizzie and Mica, who both have their own ‘issue’. Mica, being too gentle, cannot overcome certain thresholds in order to become tougher, whilst Lizzie seems to believe that Walkers are just ‘changed’ human beings with their own feelings and emotions. Both will be aided by Carol on their path in life but will guidance turn out to be enough?


This season is one big tale, divided into several smaller stories. Well, it’s more a case of spending several episodes on the development of one or a small group of characters instead of giving us an overall view. Daryl and Beth, may grow a tad closer. Bob might be able to face certain demons, thanks to the help of several party members. In short, many characters grow closer to you, some new characters are introduced such as Eugene (who’s role I cannot really explain without spoiling too much) and his military back-up, Sgt. Abraham Ford and the tough but lovely Rosita Espinosa. Certainly worthy addition to the ragtag group of survivors.

Overall this season will revolve around finding a home, finally regaining some humanity instead of having to do the dirtiest possible things in order to live another day. As mentioned before this does not go well and thus ‘the search’ continues.

The Walking Dead is one of those series that can make you bond with certain characters, good or bad, and then either take them away from you or make them make a complete turn and give you totally different feelings. Sadness is around every corner and the slightest shimmer of happiness can simply make you smile and wipe away those watery eyes.


Acting performances, as expected, are once again top notch quality. It’s already hard enough to make such a scenario look realistic, doing it as convincing as the entire cast of this series is simply amazing. That being said, the series tends to switch from one character to another at just the right time, which creates some extra (positive) tension.

A grim atmosphere, is also one of those aspects that The Walking Dead captures perfectly. Even in season 4, this apocalyptic world is still able to surprise us. Add the right music at the right time and you’ve good yourself the right mood and mindset to process the events that will unfold.

The season ends with a cliffhanger, that revolves around certain hopes of the characters that have been met, whilst on the other hand they have been crushed as well. It’s clear the next season will be able to start off with a bang, if not, multiple bangs.


Many series start to deteriorate the moment the series becomes too lengthy or when the plot does not go as fast as you’d like but The Walking Dead seems to have just the right pace. Tension gets followed by action and vice versa and the story value is simply great. Even after 4 seasons, the Walking Dead remains a ‘must watch’ series.

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The Walking Dead: Season 4 (DVD) - Series Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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