The Walking Dead: Season 7 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Drama, Horror
Distributor: eOne
Episodes: 16
Duration: 41 min (per episode)

The Walking Dead: Season 7 (DVD) – Series Review

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A bit later than expected, seeing the eighth season is already well underway, we finally nabbed our copy of the home release of the seventh season of The Walking Dead. Last time Rick and the rest of the survivors found themselves in the presence of Negan, who wanted to submit Rick’s group, and he wanted to make sure they knew he meant business. Clubbing an unknown member of the party to death kept us in suspense of knowing which cast member(s) would leave the equation after so long. Keep in mind, this review may contain spoilers, as the season starts off by killing off a part of the team you’ve come to know for a long time now.

The Walking Dead Season 7

Rick (Andrew Lincoln), and the rest of the group find themselves in the worst predicament they have ever been in. While they thought they took out the Saviors, a band of rogues that ‘tax’ communities or otherwise maim and kill people, it seems they only saw the tip of the iceberg. These ‘criminals’ seem to be everywhere and there’s no escaping them. Now they find themselves at the mercy of these monsters, who are led by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who tells them that rules are important and that an example has to be made. This example is brutally bashing one of Rick’s group to death and that person happens to be Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). Daryl (Norman Reedus) is still resisting and this results in another casualty, namely Glenn (Steven Yeun) who gets beaten to death by Lucille, which is Negan’s baseball bat with barbed wire all around it. Daryl is then taken away to Negan’s encampment to be broken and retrained as one of his soldiers. Rick is put to the test, to make sure he swears his fealty.

Afterwards the group is still split up with Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira), and other survivors from Alexandria returning home, gathering and producing supplies for Negan. Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) return to the Hilltop community, to lay low, and ultimately prepare their plans to exact their revenge on Negan. Morgan (Lennie James) brings Carol (Melissa McBride)to ‘The Kingdom’, which is another community that has to pay tribute to Negan, but is otherwise a very nice place to live in. Nonetheless, Carol thinks it’s one big circus and wants to go her own way, away from all the violence and the daily struggles.

The Walking Dead Season 7 2

Over the years we’ve learned that The Walking Dead isn’t the fastest moving series, and thus it’s no different for this seventh season. While the previous seasons also had a lot of action, we just have a few brutal moments during these last episodes, with a bigger focus on character development and the predicament the group finds itself in. This change of ‘scenery’ is quite pleasant, as it changes things up enough to keep everything interesting, promising those who were getting weary after six seasons a fun change of pace. Nonetheless, while the series is still going strong, those who dislike series that get milked dry might become a bit weary after such a long track record.

Cast wise not much has changed in the series, but every character is still developing and the cast members do a superb job in portraying the hardships and lifestyle changes their characters are going through. The biggest newcomer is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the vicious Negan, who quickly created a villain that is somewhat likeable and funny, but messed up in all the right places, making him perhaps the scariest villain on the show, even worse than the actual zombies roaming this doomed version of our Earth. Other than that, the supporting and minor roles all feel decent and even after this many years, the cast is still going strong.

The Walking Dead Season 7 3

The DVD edition of The Walking Dead: Season 7 comes with a hefty amount of special features, all ranging from insights of the current season, how sets were built, how the series is made, how walkers are made to more emotional pieces such as the In Memoriam featurette that allows us to say goodbye to the characters that passed away this season. If you’re into a lot of extra and unique content, you’ll love all the extras that come with this physical edition.


While the seventh season of the Walking Dead will still please the longtime fans of the series, the pacing of this season is a lot different, as it’s clear that the creators have to try different approaches to keep things interesting. This season focuses les on violence and brutal zombie-killing action, but more on character development and the submission Rick’s group is going through, and how they once again can rise up, break their chains and become an independent troupe again. Overall this season is still decent, but truth be told, in some cases it’s slowly getting dragged out.

The Walking Dead Season 7 1

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The Walking Dead: Season 7 (DVD) – Series Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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