These Doomed Isles showcases a prologue chapter in April

These Doomed Isles showcases a prologue chapter in April

Triplevision Games and Fireshine Games have announced a prologue chapter for their survival city builder, These Doomed Isles, which will be coming to Steam in April. Available to download for free, this prologue, titled “The First God”, will see players taking the place of Cernunnos as they grow an empire and lead their civilization to success.

In order to do so players will need to customize a deck of powerful cards in order to build their ideal settlement. In said deck they’ll also have access to powerful miracles like meteor or lightning strikes, as well as buff effects for their settlers. Additionally, any progress made in the prologue chapter will be carried over to the main game once the game reaches Steam Early Access later into the year.

The completed version of the game will see an initial launch featuring 3 gods and civilizations with unique playstyles. Said civilizations will face over 20 types of enemies and several bosses with the help of over 250 unique cards and godly powers. As players beat the game more times, they’ll also go up in Ascension level, discovering special relics which will alter the flow of the game, making each run unique.

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