Third update for Train Life: A Railway Simulator released

Third update for Train Life: A Railway Simulator released

Today, Nacon and Simteract Studio have announced the release of the third update for Train Life: A Railway Simulator, adding more content and new functions to the game. At this time, the game is still in Early Access on Steam and is scheduled for a full release in July this year for PC, and a release for consoles will follow shortly after.

This update brings a new locomotive to the game: the Newag Griffin. This series of vehicles can both carry passengers and cargo while traveling at 200 km/h. it was first produced in Poland in 2012.

This update also delivers more options to adjust existing locomotives in Train Life. You can now paint your locomotive in your company colors and add decorative items to the operator’s cabin, like statues, plants, and other ornaments. With the addition of a new region, the Alps, passengers will be able to see snowy mountains and other spectacular sights of nature from within your comfy train. To make the game even more realistic, it will now also include climate conditions, meaning you have to consider the weather to safely transport your passengers and cargo on your train.

A new video showcasing the latest additions to Train Life: A Railway Simulator with this third update can be watched below.

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