This game is Killer

This game is Killer

Killer is Dead, the newest game to spring forth from the insane and glorious mind of Suda51 was announced some time ago and with it came a lovely trailer. Unfortunately the trailer was done in Japanese, luckily for us though Grasshopper Manufacture has finally released the English version of the reveal trailer.

Killer is Dead follows the exploits of Mondo Zappa as he goes about his hum-drum day job as an Assassin who also has an arm that is capable of transforming into weapons on the fly. The game fits snugly into the Assassin games that Suda51 seems to enjoy creating, following in the footsteps of past cult classic games of his Killer7 and No More Heroes. Mondo Zappa travels around the world, as his employer the Brian Execution Firm tasks him with killing dangerous criminals and assassins.

The game is set to release sometime in Summer 2013

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