This Is the Police spin-off Rebel Cops announced

This Is the Police spin-off Rebel Cops announced

In a surprise reveal today, THQ Nordic has announced a new turn-based tactics stealth game set in the universe of This Is the Police. This game will let you control a squad of ex-police officers who are united by the desire to take down their town’s criminal overlord.

This game will focus on the turn-based stealth gameplay with unforgiving combat and vast levels for you to explore. In this game, it will all be up to you to decide what will happen, will you play by the criminal overlord’s rules or will you help the desperate townspeople? Your reputation will be affected by your decisions and in turn, this will affect your team’s morale.

This game will be coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 17 this month. They also released a trailer to show you a preview of Rebel Cops, check it out below!

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