Thor God of Thunder #003 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Jason Aaron
Illustrations: Esad Ribic
Coloring: Ive Svorcina
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Thor God of Thunder #003 – Comic Book Review

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When the last bundle of Thor ended with the present day version of Thor, meeting his future scruffy, battered form, who walks through the halls of Asgard alone, it seems that the God Slayer has almost accomplished his goal of wiping out all of the gods the universe has even spawned. Of course, this can’t be the end, just yet, seeing Thor, be it his present, past or future form, has been in many predicaments before and always comes out stronger than he originally was. While it’s certainly the worst situation he has ever found himself in, he will not go down without a fight, while the roaring thunder provides him the necessary backdrop for this seemingly last stand of the gods.

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While the last omnibus presented us with three ‘different’ Thors, all in different time periods, this issue will still revolve around the same cast, albeit all together, in the future fighting for their survival. Gorr has set up his base of operation on a barren planet at the edge of the cosmos, where he is building a secret weapon to eradicate all the remaining gods and ironically this weapon is being built by gods that have been turned into mere slaves. One of these slaves is the youngest form of Thor, that appeared in the previous issues, but his fighting spirit remains intact and thus he is already plotting on vanquishing Gorr once and for all, while the other two Thors are unaware they have a third ally to strengthen their numbers.

Even though the present day version of Thor has many questions for his elder self, he is also eager to rush into battle headfirst, to kill Gorr and save the remnants of the divine beings still alive. That being said, both versions are unaware of the God Butcher’s actual plans yet they are prepared that this might just be their very last battle, but they’d rather go out with their hammers in their hands, than as a coward that would be afraid of his own shadow.

The chaotic timeframe switches slowly come to an end in this bundle and things become a lot more coherent, forming one story, rather than three individual ones about a common enemy. The pace proves to be a bit slower, due to the fact that it’s only one time period, and thus three characters are preparing for their final battle, first on their own and soon after as one thunderous team. Jason Aaron has a knack of keeping thing interesting and action packed, with a much appreciated eerie and grim undertone.

In this compilation, the three man illustration team slims down to only one person, namely Esad Ribic, who keeps up the quality of the previous issues. The same style with rather thin lines remains intact, all accompanied by the soft and bland coloring of Ive Svorcina.


The battle rages on in Thor God of Thunder #003, which brings us a triple dose of Thor, all together in one time period. You’ll be in for an intergalactic thunderous ride with the foresight of a legendary battle that will shake the foundations of the entire universe. We are quite stoked to get our hands on the upcoming bundle.

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Thor God of Thunder #003 – Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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