Thor God of Thunder #005 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Jason Aaron
Illustrations: Ron Garney
Coloring: Ive Svorcina
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Thor God of Thunder #005 – Comic Book Review

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With Gorr, the God Slayer finally out of the way, things are back to normal. The current day Thor has no recollection of the fact that he met his past and future forms and he is back to enjoying his divine life, together with his brothers in arms and the heavy drinking that comes with it. Sadly, it seems that the godly Avenger can’t get some rest as a new threat immediately appears on the horizon, one that causes mayhem in the nine worlds. Thor is eager as ever to face the darkness, but alone it seems like a very arduous task.

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In Nilfheim, the frozen hell where death is omnipotent, those who monstrous enough aren’t even punished by a swift sentence, but imprisoned for all eternity, guarded by foul creatures one would have nightmares from, simply by the sight of them. Malekith, once ruler of the Dark Elves, is such a prisoner, but not for long anymore, as his brethren are coming to free him, or at least those who have remained loyal to this brutal madman. After successfully breaking out, he has one goal in mind: returning to his homeland and claiming his place on the throne once again. Of course, he doesn’t get recognized as the rightful king, to which he responds with violence. He finds his people have gone soft and they now deserve to be butchered, at least those that oppose him or prove to have no value for his army.

Meanwhile Thor is living it up with his godly friends, when they see a Dark Elf scream in agony as he can sense the slaughter that is going on. After the first encounter with Malekith, the representatives of the nine realms decide that Thor cannot choose his own team, but they would rather have emissaries from the different worlds be a part of his ‘League of Realms’. Sadly, due to this, the inner conflict is about as bad as the threat they should be fighting.

It seems that Ron Garney is the main illustrator for this arc, or at least these first bundled issues of the arc, and he does so with very blurred lines, which actually suit the fantasy/fairytale-like surroundings in which Thor and his companions find themselves. The smudging might cause some of the details to get lost in translation from concept to paper, but everything looks spiffy. The coloring is reminiscent of an aquarelle-like style, which again perfectly suits the theme and topic of this arc.


Thor God of Thunder #005 gives us a brand new exciting arc to sink out teeth in after the decay of Gorr, the God Slayer. This time the fairytale setting might look a tad deceiving, especially with the brutal onslaught that is going on, but it creates a hefty and well appreciated contrast. The question remains how the League of Realms will vanquish their foe, if they don’t destroy themselves first.

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Thor God of Thunder #005 – Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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