Thor God of Thunder #006 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Jason Aaron
Illustrations: Ron Garney, Das Pastoras, Emanuela Lupacchino
Coloring: Ive Svorcina, Lee Loughridge
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Thor God of Thunder #006 – Comic Book Review

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After escaping from Nilfheim, Malekith was raining down terror on his own kin, to state they have become weak and cowards, without his iron fist and all seeing eye ruling over them. Malekith is butchering his own people, and while Thor and the rest of the League of Realms is right on the Dark Elf’s tail, the evil mastermind always seems to be one step ahead of the party of heroes, warriors and the god of thunder. With the loss of one of their comrades in battle, and Malekith being under the protection of the ice giants, it seems like only a full-blown war will bring the foul Dark Elf to justice.

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After the rather crushing defeat at the Ice Giants’ doorstep, it’s clear that Malekith is getting his information from someone inside the League of Realms. After some heavy debating, Thor concludes it must be the troll, who hardly helps out during combat and even stopped the god of thunder, preventing him to complete his task. After taking drastic measures, which resulted in the execution of the Troll, the League of Realms officially falls apart. Nonetheless, Thor still asks Waziria, the Dark Elf who he has grown fond of, to join him, as he seemingly has a plan.

After the Malekith story arc, we get treated to a new story segment which situates itself in the ninth century. While it is still fairly unclear where this plot is headed, you’ll see that dragons, and their role in this world, will play a key factor of the tale to come.

The story in this bundle is rather fast moving, as the end of the Malekith arc is a succession of many events in a limited amount of pages. While blood will flow royally, there are also many political items to process, and the actual magnitude of the Dark Elf’s plan. The new arc focuses more on the action-packed events again, making sure there’s never a dull moment.

Illustration wise the first portion of this omnibus is reminiscent of the other albums, depicting everything in a colorful fashion, tight lines and an overall likeability of all the characters, with enough realism on the side. The second portion however leans on a rudimentary drawing style, which makes the story feel aged, which fits with the story of the new arc, but it might be a big adjustment for the fans of the previous arc’s style. Nonetheless, a few pages in this portion of the story, you’ll notice it grows on you, thanks to the story it’s intertwined with.


Thor God of Thunder #006 concludes one arc with an interesting, yet open ending, while presenting us with a teaser of the new arc to come. You’ll be treated to a lot of action, mind games and political situations in this heavily loaded omnibus. Some items might not exactly go as you like, but then again, if everything went as you desired, there would be no more surprises left. Certainly worth the read.

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Thor God of Thunder #006 – Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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