Thor God of Thunder #007 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Jason Aaron
Illustrations: Esad Ribic
Coloring: Ive Svorcina
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Thor God of Thunder #007 – Comic Book Review

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It’s no secret that Thor is concerned with Midgard, our Earth, more than any other planet in our vast universe. Nonetheless, we’ve also seen many images of the future in different Marvel series where our planet turns into a barren dead planet, and once again, this seems to be our future, and Thor is determined to stop our species from going extinct, be it at his own dying breath. We get treated to two different storylines once again, but it’s clear that they will converge at one point in time.

Thor God of Thunder #007

This omnibus of Thor will once again take us to two different timelines, one situated in the present and one many millennia in the future. The first will revolve around Thor, and his liking for agent Rosalind Solomon, who is currently ‘battling’ the massive corporation Roxxon for their crimes against the environment. That being said, the gigantic company holds too much power, as they bribe every government and even have the power to change laws when it suits them. When Thor interferes by blowing up a few of their installations, the CEO, Dario Agger, clearly has a plan to keep the meddling god at bay.

In the future, Thor often visits Midgard, only to see its barren form. He often thinks about how he could have saved the planet, and even now, he doesn’t want to let the carcass of the once blue planet go. When all of a sudden Galactus appears on the already dead planet, even then Thor will not let it go down without a fight.

The story doesn’t progress too fast, allowing you to let the events of the two different time periods sink in properly. Jason Aaron clearly aims for a more informative portion of the story, to properly set the atmosphere for the coming issues, at least for the present storyline. The portion that plays itself out in the future is more action packed, as it is pretty much one big lengthy battle.

Illustrations are in sync with the previous issues, as we’re treated to a very realistic, dark and gritty style, which is perfectly in line with the ‘doomsday’ scenario our planet is facing. Nonetheless, the darker lines and colors make this omnibus a spectacle to browse through, which makes this collection more than just its story.


Thor God of Thunder #007 is a fairly intense volume, especially with the threat of our planet to cease existing hanging above our heads. Nonetheless, this story arc proves to be as dark as the God Slayer storyline, albeit with a different type of enemy, namely human greed. That said, it’s clear that we’re in for an exciting turn of events in the eighth omnibus.

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Rating: 8.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Thor God of Thunder #007 - Comic Book Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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