Thor God of Thunder #008 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Jason Aaron
Illustrations: Esad Ribic, Agustin Allessio, R.M. Guera, Simon Bisley
Coloring: Ive Svorcina, Giulia Brusco
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Thor God of Thunder #008 – Comic Book Review

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Thor has been in the midst of an entirely new battle since the seventh omnibus of Thor God of Thunder passed our revue. While the weary god has been in many battles before, he now finds himself in a very unfamiliar landscape, namely a battle against a massive corporation, which fights back with its lawyers, rather than fists, weapons and other things Thor is used of fighting with. With Thor currently losing ground, and his beloved ‘home’ on Midgard being threatened, he has a hard time following the ‘law’ of our human society and he is about to lose his composure.

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Dario Dagger, the CEO of Roxxon is not a normal man, as he clearly is a demon is disguise who is wielding the powers of the Hulk. His latest plan involves the town Thor loves, and Dario is slowly polluting and destroying said town. Sadly for Thor, it’s not only the company he is up against, but also trolls that are lurking beneath the surface, who are hired by Dario, but also the pressure of Asgard is getting to him. Thor’s mother has decided that it is time to withdraw the Asgardian presence from the human world, and to let them fend for themselves. Of course, with the ongoing debacle and Thor’s love for the humans, he is left with conflicting feelings.

Jason Aaron again opts for a story that plays itself out both in the present day, as well as the far future, when Midgard is only a big pile of dust. Nonetheless, the comparison between both stories and the overall similarities make this a very exciting arc, that drives you to the edge of your seat more than once. The last issue that’s bundled in this omnibus heads towards a somewhat ‘lighter’ topic, namely a setting where Thor’s granddaughters find themselves in the library of Asgard, once again in the far future, being forced to read books. Of course, these battle maidens would rather bash skulls and drink their fills, yet they start reading about old stories, which are then depicted as fairytale-like stories, which is a fun twist for this series.

Illustration wise there are a lot of differences between the issues in this eighth bundle. The first will follow the seventh issue, and will treat you to a fairly colorful version of the doomsday scenario that is currently unfolding. The characters’ faces are rounded and are fairly typical for the series, while the second issue in the bundle is a lot darker, has more sketch lines present and feels a lot more grim than the previous issue. Last but not least, the fairytale stories are depicted in a style that would suit stories such as the ones being told, which makes them a bit more magical, and special, which is, as mentioned before, a very nice touch.


Thor God of Thunder #008 is an action packed ending to yet another story arc, which will give you a certain sense of satisfaction. The new arc is clearly being introduced by the usage of stories from a ‘long forgotten age’, which gives you a fun breather from all that has transpired before. Yet again Thor God of Thunder, proves to be one of the most interesting series the Standaard Uitgeverij is currently translating for our entertainment.

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Thor God of Thunder #008 – Comic Book Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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