THQ Nordic is expanding to… Japan!

THQ Nordic is expanding to… Japan!

THQ Nordic is moving a team localized in Japan! This team consists of people that delivered more than 200 titles in 15 years to the Japanese market, ranging from feature phones to consoles. To quote THQ:

“In our opinion, the only real way to truly embrace (pun intended) the Japanese market is to run it with a team of Japanese professionals, which was our approach for the new Japanese subsidiary. A warm, heartfelt welcome to the entire team based in Tokyo, Japan” comments Klemens Kreuzer, Managing Director at THQ Nordic GmbH. “Good things come to those who wait and we took our time to realize it with the best setup possible.”

Will this mean there will be more Japanese-influences games from THQ Nordic in the future as well? Who knows! But with games such as Darksiders and This is The Police, it’s a company that definitely made enough impact to earn trust from the Japanese people.

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