Three years of Frostpunk with three million copies

Three years of Frostpunk with three million copies

Today, 11 bit studios is celebrating the three year anniversary of their city-building survival sim Frostpunk, which plays out in an apocalyptic world after the weather has frozen the world to the bone.

Simultaneously, Frostpunk has also reached the spectacular milestone of three million copies sold worldwide. As part of the celebration, 11 bit studios has released the original soundtrack from the popular Frostpunk expansions, The Last Autumn and On the Edge with some brand new tracks composed by Piotr Musial. The soundtrack is now available to all Season Pass owners on Steam and it will also be added to streaming services shortly. A special vinyl edition can also be pre-ordered, which is scheduled to release later this year. This vinyl soundtrack can be pre-ordered here.

To show 11 bit studios’ appreciation, they’re giving everyone a look at some captivating numbers and quirky info about Frostpunk and all the other games on their roster. You can check these out by clicking here.

Lastly, three game bundles have now been discounted for a limited amount of time. You can check these bundles by clicking here. These offers will end on April 26.

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