Thrustmaster eSwap X LED Orange Crystal Pack – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: PC, Xbox Series X/S

Thrustmaster eSwap X LED Orange Crystal Pack – Hardware Review

Good: Quirky, Decent quality
Bad: Only adds LEDs to the mix
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It has nearly been a year since we reviewed Thrustmaster’s impressive eSwap X Pro Controller for Xbox Series X/S and PC. We concluded that the controller was a premium device with user-friendly software and great swappable modules to cater to many different playstyles. As the eSwap X Pro Controller also has its own ecosystem, it was only a matter of time before some cool new modules would be released. We will be looking at both the LED Orange Crystal Pack and the Fighting Pack. We’ll start off with the LED Orange Crystal Pack, which adds a whole lot of color to your gaming setup.







First of all, we’ll start off by saying that the LED Orange Crystal Pack doesn’t add any new functions to the eSwap X Pro Controller, except for its flashy orange LED lights. The set contains two stick modules, one d-pad module, two triggers, two side panels, and two additional loose sticks that you can use for the stick modules. The kit contains two convex and two concave sticks, meaning you can personalize the stick modules to your liking. If you prefer the ones that are not on the modules yet, you simply have to unscrew the current ones and replace them with the ones that suit your playstyle better. Overall it’s quite nice to get the option to choose between the two stick types, making sure the eSwap X Pro Controller is a comfortable gaming companion.

Other than that, this set brings nothing new to the table outside of its ’90s inspired neon colors and LED lights. The orange lights were an acquired taste but after a short while we actually loved this retro design and it added some bling to our gaming sessions. To get the LED lights up and running you’ll have to download the dedicated ThrustmapperX software, which will update your controller to the latest firmware version, making sure it’s smooth sailing after that. Just like before, you can basically do what you want with this controller. If you prefer only having one LED stick in your controller, while keeping one original stick and the original D-pad, that is perfectly possible. Would you rather have the sporty orange side panels, but add the triggers from the Green Color Pack, that is once again a viable option. The official software will not recognize that a controller is connected if you insert two or more D-pads or three sticks. Games will probably still be functional if you create a crazy combo such as this.


As said above, the LED Orange Crystal Pack doesn’t add anything in terms of special functions and is mainly a kit to make your already cool-looking eSwap X Pro Controller even snazzier. Those who are not into the orange pack can opt for other packs to spice up their gaming sessions, but be aware that these kits also come at a premium price. Nonetheless, you’re treated to quality with proper next-gen sticks and decent modules that will last many gaming sessions.

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Thrustmaster eSwap X LED Orange Crystal Pack - Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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