Thrustmaster GP XID – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: PC

Thrustmaster GP XID – Hardware Review

Good: Price, sturdier triggers
Bad: Nothing really
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More than a year ago we concluded that Thrustmaster’s GPX controllers were top notch in terms of quality, comfort and design. Today we have the chance to present your with our findings about the GP XID controller, which is in essence a lower priced GPX model, solely for PC usage.





Except for its white color the GP XID looks the same as the normal GPX model and in turn both of them resemble the original Xbox 360 controller quite a bit, except for some cosmetic changes. Both ‘handles’ are a bit longer and pointier than the original Xbox 360 controller, the D-pad is just like old-school controllers and both triggers are a bit longer and slightly curved.

The body itself also received other subtle changes such as lines that run across the handles to in-between the buttons. Small dents were also made at the bottom of these handles, which for some reason make the controller a bit more ‘sporty’.

Even whilst the overall lay-out and looks of the controller resemble that of an official Xbox 360 controller, the subtle changes still create a fairly different, unique look. This shows that a good design often only needs a few tweaks in order to become even slightly better.


The subtle changes to the design also influence the overall comfort of the controllers. The longer handles make sure you are able to have a firmer grip. You’ll immediately feel that the triggers have been designed so that they feel more comfortable and you feel that the groove in them was created to rest your fingers on. The D-Pad its shape simply feels better to play old-school games such as fighting games or simple side-scrollers. However, the edges are slightly pointier, which can annoy after longer playing sessions.

As the buttons are mapped out just like the original Xbox 360 controller, you will experience no discomfort in trying to reach all the necessary buttons.



  • Plug & Play without install (extra software)
  • Xbox 360 style ergonomics
  • 2 high-resolution 16-bit mini-sticks which are 2 times more precise
  • 2 long curved progressive triggers
  • Cross-shaped D-pad


Precision was the keyword with the GPX models, this is pretty much the same for the GP XID model. Both sticks have been designed to be more precise than other models on the market. Whilst this is most noticeable in FPS games, you will certainly notice a difference.

Both triggers have not only been made more comfortable, again they are more precise than other brands or even the official controller. You will notice a greater resistance when pushing the triggers, not only does this make the controller feel more sturdy, it also makes it more precise. For example in racing games you will be able to manage the throttle a lot easier. You will not always have to go from max throttle or no power at all.

The action buttons themselves don’t stick out as much as with other controllers, which will create a smoother transition between them, which might result in a slightly better reaction time. Overall not the most important function but it might be able to make a difference in the heat of battle.

Overall the controller is indeed a matter of simple Plug & Play. You will need no extra software to run the controller and thus you’re ready to go in a matter of seconds.


Even at its very low price, the GP XID has quite some great features that make this controller a budget priced powerhouse. You’ll experience great comfort, precision as well as functions and overall quality. Top notch hardware for a low price.

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Rating: 9.1/10 (9 votes cast)
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Thrustmaster GP XID - Hardware Review, 9.1 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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