Thrustmaster Score-A Wireless Gamepad available now

Thrustmaster Score-A Wireless Gamepad available now

Thrustmaster, a widely known manufacturer of gaming and simulation controllers, is finally bringing out a gamepad for Android devices. The ambitious goal of Thrustmaster here is to create a product which is compatible with the wide array of devices that run on Android like tablets and smartphones but also the home getaway devices like Nexus Player and Samsung TV. Besides those, the controller will also be usable with both PC and Mac. More than 200 games are already compatible as well, with that list growing every day.


Inside this controller is Bluetooth 3.0 technology to ensure optimized latency. Also key with this controller is ergonomic design to get you through those long gaming sessions. Layout wise, there are 10 buttons and 4 triggers together with an 8-way D-pad, 4 navigation buttons, 2 mini-sticks and a pairing button. Thrustmaster also claims the controller has 50 hours of battery life with 3 AAA batteries included with the product. For ease-of-use, there are also mapping pre-sets to allow for easy connection with various devices without going through a lengthy setup process.

The Thrustmaster Score-A Wireless Gamepad is available now at select retailers.

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Thrustmaster Score-A Wireless Gamepad available now, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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