Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 (War Thunder) – Hardware Review
Follow Type: Flight Stick
Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: PS4, PC

Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 (War Thunder) – Hardware Review

Good: Looks good, Multi-platform, Easy to use, Affordable
Bad: Misses some padding on the throttle, Resistance on the throttle is a bit flimsy
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In the past we already discussed two of Thrustmaster’s joysticks (or flight sticks) which were quite diverging when it came to options, finishing touches and price range. First we discussed the very sturdy T.16000M, which was a lovely piece of hardware for newcomers to the aviation genre or those who simply wanted to get acquainted with flight sticks in general. Secondly there was the HOTAS Warthog, which came at a very high price but ended up being one of the most fun devices we ever discussed on the site as it presented you with a real replica of a combat airplane and simply made your games feel extremely realistic. Nonetheless, there was a big gap in-between for those who had some experience but wanted more options, though did not want to overspend either. Thus this brings us to the T.Flight Hotas 4, which is a bit more costly than the T.16000M, but has a lot more features as well.





Even though the T.Flight Hotas 4 is a flight stick combined with a throttle, it’s clear that a certain symmetry was on the minds of the creators. The bases of each individual piece have a curved finish that does not surround the entire base, which makes it more stylish and a bit more sophisticated than a regular device. Given you can opt to either connect or disconnect both parts with one another, both still look good separately, even though the cable in the middle prevents you from fully disconnecting both devices.

The stick itself is reminiscent of the T.16000M, which looked quite qualitative, given its price category, and the same can be said for the T.Flight Hotas 4, which has a lovely base stick. You’ll notice a sleek palm rest, accents of blue, which associate with the fact that this device is also aimed at PlayStation 4 users, and an otherwise realistic look, even with its rather accessible price.

While the throttle matches the style of the stick perfectly, the blue finishing touches are only seen on the left side of the base, making more room for the Thrustmaster brand name and the PlayStation logo, which actually look good on the base of this piece. The throttle itself is done in a pitch black tone, with a curvy hand rest, making the device a tad less bland than it otherwise would have been. The curves on the design itself are not only pleasant to look at, it’s clear that it’s created with comfort and design as the key factors.

Truth be told, even though the Warthog might still be our favorite piece of hardware, the harmony between these two pieces is actually done in a better fashion. Of course, keeping in mind that the Warthog is a replica of an actual airplane, it would have been hard to connect both pieces into one device, this one still managed to make a beautiful whole.

T.Flight Hotas 4 - 1


As far as comfort goes, the T.Flight Hotas 4 does a formidable job in giving you a pleasant gaming experience, even though the stick might feel a bit more comfortable than the throttle. The stick itself has been perfectly molded to the shape of your hand, making every button easily accessible, while getting proper support from the palm rest that has been mounted on the stick. That being said, those with smaller hands might find it harder to reach the small ‘joystick’ on the top left side of the front of the stick, but overall this won’t prove to be a bother.

The throttle has been made with a certain curve, making it easier to lay your hand to rest on it, which is great, especially during longer gaming sessions. Nonetheless, a bit of padding or a leathery finish would have done wonders to make everything even more comfortable. Again all the buttons on this portion of the device are easy to reach, even for those with smaller hands. While the big buttons on the backside might feel a bit plastic-y for our taste, they never truly become bothersome, but they are slightly more annoying to press. Nonetheless, as far as comfort goes, this entire device will easily grant you the necessary pleasure and satisfaction for all your aviation adventures.

As mentioned before, those who wish to have a bit more space between the throttle and the flight stick can easily disconnect both parts, albeit with a cable in the middle still attached, in order to create a more comfortable set-up, or at least one that suits your personal preference.

PlayStation 4 users will also find a lot of pleasure in the fact that pretty much all the buttons on the device either have their familiar PlayStation controller symbols printed on them, or have the corresponding shoulder (or stick) button names printed next to the button on the flight stick or throttle. This makes sure that there’s no hassle in finding the proper button for the command that is shown onscreen.

T.Flight Hotas 4 - 3


  • Realistic joystick
  • Embedded software certified for PlayStation 4
  • Compatible with PC


As the device is entirely powered by one USB cable, you’ll find it to be a true example of plug-and-play, be it on your PlayStation 4 or your PC. You’ll be up and running in mere moments, making sure your experience with the T.Flight Hotas 4 can immediately begin. Nonetheless, some might have preferred to have the device in two separate pieces, granting you the option to store one away when you don’t wish to use it. That being said, this is a matter of personal preference and what games you wish to use the device for.

Even though most features are self-explanatory, there are a few fun ‘secrets’ one might not notice immediately. The tool to properly connect both pieces together (or disconnect) is stored in the bottom of the base of the stick, making sure you have an easy storage compartment and it makes it easier to always have the tool at hand, rather than misplace it. The other feature, which is also at the bottom of the stick is a resistance rotary to add more or less resistance to the stick, for those who wish to adapt to their personal preference or switch when playing either a realistic flight game or an arcade game.

A small issue in this entire review might be the fact that there is hardly any resistance on the throttle, making it harder to properly adjust the acceleration of your plane. Adjusting the angle of the throttle feels rather flimsy, making it feel a tad less qualitative than all the rest of the device.

T.Flight Hotas 4 - 2


Thrustmaster’s T.Flight Hotas 4 is a great and affordable device for newcomers and veterans of the flight genre. The hardware is suited for both the PlayStation 4 and PC, and can handle both simulation and arcade games. While our review is only about the device itself, it’s quite fun that Thrustmaster did an effort to bundle their device with content for the rather successful aviation game, War Thunder. If you’re thinking of playing the game actively and you’re in need of a flight stick, this turns out to be a successful formula. If you’re looking for a sturdy device, well within a manageable budget and something that actually looks good as well, this one is surely worth checking out.

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Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 (War Thunder) - Hardware Review, 8.6 out of 10 based on 32 ratings


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