Thrustmaster Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC + Limited functionality on other platforms

Thrustmaster Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition – Hardware Review

Good: Sturdy, Affordable, Design
Bad: No 7.1 surround
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It’s no secret that we appreciate Thrustmaster’s ever-growing library of products, as we haven’t really had a negative one appear on the site. Over the years we have tried out many of their steering wheels, controllers and headsets, and the latter hasn’t changed that much over said years. Thrustmaster is a stickler for tradition and it keeps reworking the design of their first line of headsets, always improving their already great products. It hasn’t been long since the company has been dabbling with limited editions, such as the DOOM and Ghost Recon headsets, and now the Far Cry 5 edition is added to the collection. Will this Far Cry 5 edition make your gaming setup more snazzy, or is it just an eye-catcher?


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It’s hard to state that much new when it comes to the design of Thrustmaster’s headsets, as they stick with the same design over and over again, albeit with minor changes, different decals, and a few other color tones depending on the series it’s a part of. Then again, why bother changing something when you have something good going on. Once again we are treated to a somewhat bulky headset, with big ear pieces, with a plastic gridded exterior. The ear cups themselves are donned with a leather(y) fabric, and look rather crisp. There’s a big whiff of padding in the headband and small touches of white and red to be found on the otherwise black headset. Of course, a Far Cry 5 decal is also placed on the exterior of the headband, which includes the American flag and the Thrustmaster brand name. Inside the ear cups there is the cult logo from Far Cry 5 to be found. The latter is quite cool, but not visible of course when you have the headset on. The small control box on the extension cord also has a small decal to spruce it up a little.


Even though the headset may be somewhat of the bulky type, it’s actually very comfortable for longer gaming sessions. In the headband there is ample padding, allowing it to rest comfortably on your head, without any notion of the plastic touching you. The headband is also adjustable, albeit a bit on the rough side, but very functional. The ear cups also have enough padding to make it comfortable. The cups themselves are intended to overlap your ears, but they are somewhat on the smaller side, which means that for some gamers the cups may rest on top of their earlobes. The latter isn’t really a big deal, seeing the headset doesn’t really have that much force in terms of gripping your head, so it will not hurt after a longer session.

Thrustmaster Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition


  • 50 mm drivers
  • Multi-platform


Even though the Y-300CPX still support the last generation of platforms, we will dive into the specifics of the current generation, as we believe that this headset aims for newer consoles, rather than amass clients of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can easily connect the device to hardware that has a 3.5mm plug, but for some this may mean that the device will only be supported to a certain extent, i.e. no chat functions. That being said, if you wish to use the device on an Xbox One, you’ll either have to plug it in your controller (newest version) or you’ll have to plug it in the add-on  for the controller, which will allow you to regulate certain settings. This means that you will not be able to use the extension cord with the USB plug and the added control box.

If you wish to use the device to its fullest on a PlayStation 4 or your PC, you’ll have to plug in the 3.5mm jack into the control box on the extension cord, and simply connect the device to a USB port of your intended platform, and you’re pretty much good to go. The control box allows you to set the volume, the voice settings, bass, muting and so on, making it a convenience as it’s well within range for you to regulate what you need for said specific occasion.

The 50mm drivers make sure the sound is crisp and clear, but it’s still a step back from the Y-350 models which provide 7.1 surround sound. Nonetheless, for its price range, you’ll get decent sound, proper bass and a decent feedback in terms of microphone quality. You can’t really go wrong with the sound levels of this device.


In the Thrustmaster Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition you’ll find a very affordable, multiplatform headset, which offers quality, sturdiness and a great experience within its price range. The decal is certainly a fun extra for Far Cry 5 enthusiasts, or those looking for a spiffy headset within a specific price class, that offers something extra than a monotone headset. If you’re looking to play your latest Far Cry game in style, then this headset might just sway you over. If you’re looking for a qualitative experience for a reasonable price, albeit without too many extra whistles and bells, Thrustmaster has you covered.

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Thrustmaster Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition - Hardware Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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