Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – Review
Follow Genre: Simulation
Developer: EA Tiburon
Publisher: EA Sports
Platform: 360, PS3

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – Review

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Have you ever wanted to play golf? Well here is your chance (again) with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. This is the 16th game in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series.  Of course each version has its share of updates. You can play with the most famous golf players and create your own golf player! And for the first time this game has all four of golf’s major events: The Masters, The United States Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship.



The game doesn’t really have a story. The only thing you need to do is gain experience, money and fame. When you are playing you need to make your own character before you can enter the career mode. In here you can try to become a golf legend, or just another candidate for the hall of shame, because the game isn’t that easy. But if you win a lot and earn prices you are climbing up to a real golf legend and that’s what this game is all about. In between you can also play online with friends or alone for gaining a higher level as an online player.


At some points when you are playing this game you can barely see it’s a console game. Because when you are looking at your menu or your character it looks like you are playing with real people. Sadly sometimes when you see the characters, their faces may come across as ‘unnatural’.  Sadly only a small issue that tends to knock you back to reality.



The sound of this game is actually also really good. You can hear the wind rush when you knock your ball away and when the crowd cheers it’s also very realistic. So when you listen carefully, you can hear ever sound of what you are doing.  Also the songs you hear on the background aren’t bothersome.


First of all you can do your tutorial. It’s not that difficult: You need to learn the basics and the other skills you’ll need to when you feel like playing on higher difficulties.  The tutorial presents you with:

  • Swinging lessons
  • Aiming lessons
  • Control swing style lessons
  • Power swing style lessons
  • Draw swing style lessons
  • Fade swing style lessons
  • Trajectory lessons

These are the basics you will need to know. When you master the basics there are the medium, hard and expert modes that you can complete as well. This pretty much means, you will have to learn the game, without any assistance from the game itself.


When you open your menu there are a few things you need to know before you can start with playing golf:

You have my golfers here you can make your own golfer. You can make your golfer in almost any way you want.

Quick play is a mode for those who want to get right in the action. Here you can choose Featured Event, where you can play real featured events which are happening in the present time. Also you can choose for Quick Tournaments. In here you basically only play the last rounds of the career mode.  After that you can also choose the Practice Round,  here you can choose a few courses that you can practice. Also in Practice Round you can choose the number of players. This is a fun mode if you are able to play with friends.

Career Mode is the mode where you will spend most your time if you fancy Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. Here you can find a lot of options for changing your golfer and his or her clothes. The main areas of clothing are pants, shoes, shirts, socks, gloves and accessories. Of course you need to unlock all of them. Customizing your equipment is a possibility as well. You can modify the clubs, grips, shafts and balls. Those can give you bonuses or improve your skills. (except the shafts) At the beginning you will have to win three events of a series of events. After that you can get a PGA Tour Card. With this card, you can participate in the PGA tour and the 31 tournaments it includes. That’s about it for the Career Mode.

Legends of the Majors  is a mode not for the faint hearted. This mode is new in the Tiger Woods series. Here you can compete against the nine legends and a few other players. This mode presents you with two challenges.  You can ‘win/pass’ the event, if you got the same amount of swings as your legendary opponent or you can ‘legend’ the event if you need 2 less swings as your opponent. After a while it becomes annoyingly hard to win.

After those you have the Connected Tournaments, here you can play online. And you have the Country Club for those two you need an online pass. With this you can play this game and a lot more other features with your friends or on your own online. You can also enter a Country club, which can have up to hundred people in it.



Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is a fun game, but it’s of course direct to fans of the genre or the sport. For those not being able to practice the sport in real life, this might make you a real (digital) golf addict! Sadly there are a few bugs in the game and at some points the screen freezes.  Maybe it would be good if the game had a bit more possibilities, but after all what you get in the game is pretty good.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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