Time to go on a Dragon Quest in September

Time to go on a Dragon Quest in September

Dear adventurer, if you care to quench thy thirst for epic questing you must have some patience until the 4th of September. On this date Dragon Quest XI will see the daylight on PlayStation 4 and PC. In the eleventh part you walk in the boots of a heroic character, that together with a sympathetic cast, will have to save the world from an evil threat. This installment of Dragon Quest will feature many side-quests and mini-games that will ensure the players more than 100 hours of playtime.

Some fans may prefer the original version but this release has various upgrades that the Japanese version lacks such as:

  • English voiceovers
  • Draconian Quest – a hard difficulty with extra challenges for expert players
  • Improved menu’s and user interface – with better visuals and easier navigation
  • Camera mode – check out your character and scenery in full detail
  • New dash function and other improved movement.

Down below we have two trailers, the first shows the western version of XI and the second is the computer animated intro movie from the game.

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