Tin Hearts coming to Switch first and other platforms later

Tin Hearts coming to Switch first and other platforms later

News from publisher Wired Productions and developer Rogue Sun that their narrative puzzle adventure Tin Hearts will be coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch one month prior to the PlayStation, PC and Xbox release. In the trailer we have for you today you will see some brand new gameplay on the upcoming title and how this will influence players from heartwarming to heartbreaking. Designer Reece will talk you through the various assets and story parts of the game.

Let your tin soldier march through over 40 levels where you must successfully route your soldiers, bend time and create new paths so your little friends can reach their destination safely. Over time you will solve increasingly elaborate puzzles to unravel the emotional thought-provoking story of Albert J. Butterworth. Unlock various power-ups to control the many objects of the world to build the ultimate Rube Goldberg machines and solve all the obstacles that lie in front of you.

Tin Hearts will be available for Switch on April 20th and on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store) on May 16th. A PCVR, Meta Quest 2 and PSVR2 release date is set for later this year.

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  1. 3rd-strike.com | Tin Hearts – Review
    June 1, 2023, 00:01

    […] After a month of Switch exclusivity, publisher Wired Productions is finally bringing Rogue Sun’s highly anticipated puzzle title Tin Hearts to other platforms. The name Rogue Sun might not ring a bell, as this is the indie studio’s debut title, so they haven’t quite proven their worth yet. However, the track record of the individual developers that worked on Tin Hearts certainly raises expectations. The individuals behind Rogue Sun are former employees of Lionhead Studios, best known for Fable and Black & White. We were more than eager to find out what Tin Hearts had to offer, so we took the game for a spin. […]

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