Titans: Season 2 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Episodes: 13
Duration: 60 minutes (per episode)

Titans: Season 2 (DVD) – Series Review

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DC is pulling out all the stops to focus on different series based on their comic books. It’s clear that the cinematic universe did not do as well as Marvel’s, so it seems that the giant publishes decided to fall back on animated films and series, and normal live-action series. We have recently seen the first seasons of Krypton and Doom Patrol, as well as the conclusive season of Gotham, and we thoroughly enjoyed all these live-action renditions. After our second season review of Titans, we’ll also share our opinion of Pennyworth’s first season, which is another new DC series. For now, we dive back into the fray with DC’s Titans, which are still a bit more brutal than we remember them.

This season has a few topics, after rounding up the events of Rachel’s (Teagan Croft) story arc. We are then thrown into the situation where the Titans are forming a well-trained group, albeit not really ready to go out in the field yet. While everything seems to have cooled down after the events where they pretty much invited Satan into our world, things turn sour quite fast when the new Titans are being targeted by Deathstroke (Esai Morales), who has bad blood with the older Titans members. Deathstroke alone might not sound like the biggest threat, but the fact that he is pretty much a one-man army thanks to a super-soldier formula makes him a massive danger for the new members of the group, as well as the old ones.

At the same time, we also get introduced to Conner (Joshua Orpin), who escapes from a laboratory. The young boy has powers equal to those of Superman, but also has a very sharp mind, even though he is basically discovering the world as an infant would. He also tries to find his place in the world, and also has an encounter with the Titans.

The flow of the second season is pretty much unchanged compared to the first. You’ll get certain loose events, which are important for individual members of the group, or all of them together. The season starts off with the conclusion of the hellish events that transpired during the first season. Now the new ‘big bad’ is Deathstroke and his earlier run-ins with the Titans, or at least the old members. Now it goes from one action-packed scene to another, be it in the aforementioned Deathstroke arc, or the one revolving around Conner, the hybrid superman clone.

In terms of the cast, not that much has changed. We see a lot of character development during this second season, where pasts are delved into, missteps are revealed and overall fond memories have turned sour because of everything that has transpired. The original cast members still provide very qualitative experiences, and the new faces do as well. This season’s newcomers are Esai Morales, who plays the infamous Deathstroke, Chelsea Zang, who plays Deathstroke’s daughter, Rose and then we also have Conner, who is played by Joshua Orpin. We already had a very strong cast, and these new additions add a lot of value to said cast.

No clue why, but the last few Warner physical releases have been very disappointing when it comes to including extras. While there could be a lot of content when it comes to the Titans, it’s sad to see that only a small feature was included for Jason Todd. This ten-minute debate about the character is a nice special feature, but it’s far too little to justify buying a DVD copy of the second season to get some extra content.


Titans: Season 2 is a great continuation of the first season, albeit with a somewhat weaker start than the first one. Nonetheless, the new villain is well handled, and the characters show a proper growth throughout the second season. If you loved the first season, and are a fan of the current wave of DC series, this one will certainly be up your alley. We are looking forward to seeing what this series has in store for us, albeit hoping it doesn’t get milked dry.

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Rating: 7.5/10 (6 votes cast)
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Titans: Season 2 (DVD) – Series Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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