Titeuf #13 Word Toch Eindelijk Volwassen, Titeuf! – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Written by: Zep
Illustrations: Zep
Coloring: Zep
Publisher: Glénat

Titeuf #13 Word Toch Eindelijk Volwassen, Titeuf! – Comic Book Review

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When we were young, oh boy, we would have done anything to be older, to be able to talk about things we didn’t yet understand and be one of the cool guys. Growing older, we realize how much fun childhood was, without responsibilities, leading a carefree life, making us long for that time once again. Ah, the struggles of life, it isn’t easy. Even Titeuf experiences this, trying to be an adolescent, while he is still just a kid.


Titeuf is not amused. When the class went on a trip to the museum, Nadia and Ramatou got into a fight over who loved Titeuf more. Pulling him around -one took his feet, the other his famous quiff- the fight ends with Ramatou pulling out his hair. Now he has to wear a beanie to school, but that is the least of his worries. The two girls both consider themselves as his girlfriends, and he needs to find a solution that will keep everybody happy. He suggests to split his time between the two of them, causing Nadia to slap him and Ramatou to say that he should finally grow up. This hits a sensitive nerve with Titeuf, and he is determined to become an adolescent as soon as possible. He reads a book about puberty and tries all sorts of things in order to get a low voice and a moustache, but things don’t really go as planned.

The story is quite straightforward and moves at a steady pace. The only thing Titeuf is concerned about is to become an adolescent as soon as possible, hoping to solve his troubles with his ‘girlfriends’. The ways in which he tries to do this are quite funny, though not all of them are that original. The story value is quite minimal, given that it looks a bit like several gags being put together into one coherent story.

Zep didn’t only come up with the story, he is also the illustrator of this series. His illustrations look quite basic, yet they also look funny, mostly because of the way he draws the mouths of most characters,  and they suit the story very well.

The Titeuf comic books target a younger audience, who will definitely be able to identify themselves with certain things Titeuf has to deal with, such as first love, adolescence and being accepted.


Titeuf #13 Word Toch Eindelijk Volwassen, Titeuf! doesn’t offer that much story value, yet it is funny at times and takes you back to the time you were about twelve yourself. The issues he struggles with are issues everyone will, or has already come across, yet this comic book will probably be loved more by a younger audience than by grownups.

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Titeuf #13 Word Toch Eindelijk Volwassen, Titeuf! - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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