To OBEY or not to OBEY – Steam Greenlight campaign launched

To OBEY or not to OBEY – Steam Greenlight campaign launched

Imagine yourself running around as a fluffy bunny when suddenly, a giant robot that is being controller by a another furry – not so friendly – bunny is firing at you. You run around, dodging incoming bullets and rockets. You can see the entrance of the robot by afar. Quickly you contemplate if you should make a run for it, deciding that simply going for it would be better than just idling around while bullets are flying around you. You ready yourself, see an opening and start running. Suddenly, you get an order. An order that was given out by the bunny controlling the robot that was firing at you earlier. The decision is yours to take, will you obey the order and help the mastermind win the game or will you disobey and try to kick him off his throne?

Obeying or disobeying an order, to be killed or to help. That is what OBEY is truly all about – a competitive multiplayer action game where you play as adorable fluffy bunnies that will do everything in their power to coerce others to join their side of the battle.

Although OBEY is already playable and has received great comments, the game isn’t finished. Therefore, the developer is seeking funding via the famous KickStarter platform. You can read all about the game and the developers grand plans right here! Backers that backed $11 of more will receive access to the beta of OBEY which will be available by summer 2015. For now, the release date is set to fall 2015 – not long after the beta. Additionally the game needs your votes on Steam Greenlight. OBEY certainly seems like an hilarious concept and we’ll be testing it out ourselves. Until then, check out the videos and screenshots on both the KickStarter-page as well as the Steam Greenlight page. You can check out OBEY’s launch trailer right here and fear for that ball of fur’s life!

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