Toby the Brave waiting to be Greenlit

Toby the Brave waiting to be Greenlit

As of yesterday, you can find Toby the Brave on Steam Greenlight. Inspired by franchises such as Crash Bandicoot and Pandemonium comes Toby the Brave, an old-school platformer set in a fantasy world. Besides the old-school approach, the game utilizes unique controls as the player controls the character in a 2D-space while moving in 3D.

A few decades ago, an evil witch unleashes various curses on villages. In each village, a different curse was found. In one village, the villagers spoke the language of birds, while in one the villagers had grown tails. Some say that other villages were the worst affected. Woodland village is one of those villages as only girls are born since the curse has been unleashed. The last villager to be born as a boy is Toby, who is also the main character of the game. Toby the Brave, tells the tale of a hero who wants to lift up a curse before his entire village becomes extinct.

Aside from offering unique gameplay controls, Toby the Brave offers some other great key features:

  • Various types of gameplay including but not exclusively, horse riding and dragon flying
  • Cinematic gameplay camera
  • Five different worlds to venture in

Toby the Brave is set to release in 2015 on PC but before developer Marcin Matuszczyk can unleash this wonderful game upon us, we must first pitch in by helping him Greenlight the game on Steam.

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