Toki Tori 2

Toki Tori 2

Toki Tori 2 is the sequel to Two Tribes original Puzzle/Platformer on the Gameboy Color, its been over a decade since the original released on the hand held system. In the ten years since the original was released the game has been ported and re-released to plenty of different systems, there have been remakes on the Wii, iOS, and Steam. While the original GBC game has made its way to Windows Mobile, Android devices, and most recently onto the 3DS. Still its not a very well known game but Two Tribes hopes to change that with Toki Tori 2 coming to the Wii U and Steam.

Whistle, Stomp, and use the aid of helpful creatures on the island to save it from corruption, as you explore the islands open world with Metroidvania styled exploration.

Toki Tori 2 is set to launch on April 4th on Steam through Greenlight and the Wii U.


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