Tormentum Dark Sorrow – New trailer released

Tormentum Dark Sorrow – New trailer released

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything of Tormentum Dark Sorrow, a dark point and click indie game developed by OhNoo Studio. After all this time, we have some great news though as the game is set to release on Steam on 4 March.

Tormentum Dark Sorrow is a dark adventure game, inspired by the works of H. R. Giger and others. Its dark, hopeless world is full of surrealism unseen in any point and click game. The game puts you in the eyes of a nameless protagonist who wakes up one day, locked up in a metal cage attached to a large flying machine. He can only remember one thing, vaguely, an image of a statue of a woman surrounded by a forest of stone hands. The protagonist travels through three lands, composed of nearly 80 different locations, in order to find the truth about himself and where he comes from. He is often faced with moral choices that will impact the course of the game and its end scenarios.

Piotr Ruszkowski, illustrator from OhNoo Studio explained that they “value original and interesting places with the capacity to surprise and amaze. Constructing the various Tormentum locations, we aimed at creating a strange world full of surrealism that would allow the players to explore the game’s universe and interpret it in their own way.” and by the looks of it, they have certainly accomplished that.

Without further ado, let’s check out the trailer which will undoubtly leave you in awe.

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