Tour de France 2018 – Two new official games announced!

Tour de France 2018 – Two new official games announced!

Fans of the Tour de France rejoice! Two new Tour de France video games have been announced: Tour de France 2018 and Pro Cycling Manager 2018.

In Tour de France 2018 you can race on the official track of Le Tour 2018. Take on the roles of your favorite champions and compete in the legendary race. Choose the right trajectories, use the finest racing tactics and earn the mythical Yellow Jersey LCL. Besides the official Le Tour 2018 track, there will also be old and new races that you can compete in.

A new game mode, called Pro Leader, has also been added to Tour de France 2018. In this game mode, you create a rider yourself. By completing objectives and fulfilling responsibilities you can bring your rider to the top of his professional cycling career.

The second game is called Pro Cycling Manager 2018 and here you take on the role of a sports manager. Manage a pro cycling team and lead them through the 2018 season. You will have to make all the decisions a manager does like hiring cyclists and staff, managing contracts, training and much more. There will be more than 200 races and 500 stages from around the world available. Lead your team to victory by using the finest tactics during the race, negotiating for the best contracts and selecting the best sponsors.

Both games will be released on the 28th of June 2018 with Tour de France 2018 being released on the PS4 and Xbox one and Pro Cycling Manager 2018 being released on PC.

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