Tour de France 2021 and Pro Cycling Manager 2021 announced

Tour de France 2021 and Pro Cycling Manager 2021 announced

Today, Nacon and Cyanide have presented both Tour de France 2021 and Pro Cycling Manager 2021. These are the games if you are looking for a realistic simulation game around cycling.

Pro Cycling Manager 2021 is the only cycling simulation game that combines management and racing in real-time. As a manager, you need to form a team, train your team and lead to the top of the leaderboards. New additions to the game include the European championship, national teams, improved AI, better weather effects and more.

Tour de France 2021 will again deliver a satisfying version of the new route of this year. This game will throw you in the middle of the platoon as one of the cyclists in one of the best Tour de France teams. This game also has some improvements like the My Tour mode with more adjustments and 89 stages, a new recovery system for more realism, better behavior in platoons, and more detailed equipment with more different brands.

Tour de France 2021 will release on June 3 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Pro Cycling Manager also releases on June 3, but it only releases for PC. Below, you can check out the announcement trailer for both games.

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