Townsmen is available on Nintendo Switch

Townsmen is available on Nintendo Switch

Owners of a Nintendo Switch can rejoice as the city-builder game Townsmen is available on the popular handheld as of today. Townsmen is based on the long-lasting Townsmen series and features a bountiful of content. Players can choose between 26 different scenarios, ranging from protecting a city under siege to ensuring the King’s birthday party will go down in history books. Additionally, there are 24 sandbox maps where players can build a town from scratch. As the ruler of your own, it is up to you to manage your people – better known as the Townies – who each have individual daily routines.

There are up to 75 different technologies to research, another 45 production buildings and another 129 other structures to unlock, each one of importance if you want your town to thrive. The Townies appreciate short commutes to work, whilst loving the flavors of food and drinks or relaxation in nearby parks in their spare time. Aside from the many technologies and structures, players will also need to keep the seasons and weather conditions in mind as each type of season comes with their own disadvantages.

Being the architect of your very own town is not as simple but the town-planners amongst us will certainly have a field day in Townsmen. The game is available on Nintendo Switch for €19.99 or $19.99. Are you going to be the perfect ruler?

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