Trailblazers released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Trailblazers released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Rising Star Games and Supergonk announced the release of Trailblazers for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Trailblazer is a brand-new co-operative arcade racing title with an innovative game mechanic, namely paint the track to boost your color and work as a team to win the race. You can race with a maximum amount of three drivers per team, to put it simple it’s a 3v3 skirmish very similar to Splatoon. In Trailblazers you get to experience vibrant sceneries and thrilling tracks in high-speed whilst painting over the colored paths of your opponents to gain advantage for your team. Check out the announcement trailer below to get a better view of the game.

Game features:

  • Exclusive Nintendo Switch character: a new character has been introduced in the line-up; the arrogant space frog and father of Boo
  • Access to all content: Switch players can experience end-game content from the very start
  • Musical piece of art: enjoy the retro-futuristic soundtrack from artists such as Skope, Derevolutions, A. Skillz and more, each track fitting perfectly with the theme of the game
  • Award winning artwork: the beautiful crafted artwork is designed by BAFTA winning artist Will Milton
  • Gorgeous environment: the race for glory is played in a various range of environments, ranging from mountains to forests to deserts
  • Various characters: each driver has a role in the racing community, and together you’ll uncover the storyline of the Trailblazers world
  • Futuristic cars: drive a selection of high-speed hover cars in the galaxy, each with unique stats and performance ratings fitted for any playstyle
  • Cross-platform: Play with or against players regardless of their platform

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