Trailer and release date for Lifeless Planet on Xbox One

Trailer and release date for Lifeless Planet on Xbox One

Last year Stage 2 Studios brought the sci-fi third-person action-adventure title Lifeless Planet to PC and Mac. Today the developer and publisher finally teased us with a new trailer for the game’s arrival on Xbox One!

In Lifeless Planet, an astronaut searching for life on a distant planet only finds a hostile wasteland and an abandoned Russian town. When the spaceman starts to doubt the mission, a strange Russian lady appears and saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon. Equipped with a limited-use jet-pack and robotic arm, the player’s only chance for survival is to use his wits and skill while exploring the 20 unique and treacherous environments. Will you stay alive long enough to unravel the mystery?

Under the name of Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition, this remastered edition for Xbox One takes us back to the now visually upgraded barren planet. Enrich your search for the truth with previously unreleased content in the form of new audio and text logs and enjoy new original music from Lifeless Planet composer Rich Douglass. Furthermore, to add even more richness to the story, the Xbox One edition even includes additional new Russian language voice acting.

Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition will be released on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program on the 13th of May. The game will be priced at $19.99 (US), £15.99 (UK) and €19.99 (EU). To celebrate the launch, Stage 2 also offers a discount of 20% for a limited time!

Watch the new Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition trailer below!

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