Train Life: A Railway Simulator arrives on Switch next month

Train Life: A Railway Simulator arrives on Switch next month

All aboard the train as Train Life: A Railway Simulator now also comes into the Nintendo station. Previously already available for train drivers on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 it is now time to take your business on the go with the Switch port.

In Train Life: A Railway Simulator you will be the boss of your own railroad company and you can develop it and try it out as you see fit. Don’t do it all alone as you can hire new staff to work for you, buy more trains to open up more lines for commuters to take and sign contracts with the city for better cooperation. After managing your infrastructure it is finally time to dive behind the controls and drive your own train. Make sure to keep a steady pace so your commuters can get to their destination on time. To keep the simulator as realistic as possible NACON and Simteract have put their focus on authentic management gameplay and realistic train models.

Key features include:

  • Drive faithful reproductions of iconic trains such as the ICE 3, ICE 4 and NEWAG Griffin
  • Build and customize your own trains, from their looks to the interior of your cab
  • Manage your business: Hire conductors, choose contracts, build your network and maintain your locomotives to avoid breakdowns and emergency repairs
  • Travel over 10,000 kilometers of railway lines through the towns and landscapes of Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the Alpine region
  • Visit different real-life stations, such as Berlin Central Station or Zurich Main Station
  • Follow the signals along the railway and take into account speed, changing points, braking distances, arrival times and the opening and closing of doors
  • Respond to unexpected situations, such as a fallen tree on the track, snowfall, or another train on your track
  • Adapt your driving style to the weather conditions and the time of day to avoid accidents, and take day and night, storms and rain showers into account!

Train Life: A Railway Simulator will be available on the Switch starting March 9th.

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