Train Valley 2 – prepare your inner train fanatic!

Train Valley 2 – prepare your inner train fanatic!

Building and Managing your own railroad is immensely fun. These kinds of games of course already exist and some gamers might have even played one or two but wouldn’t it be fun if there was one with a super cute art style with locomotives from six generations. Look no further because developer Flazm announced that Train Valley 2 will be released soon.

It was four years ago that the first Train Valley was released and made you excited to take over the world with trains. In Train Valley 2, players can take part in the industrial revolution as technology progresses across 50 levels in company mode.

Other key features include:

  • Puzzle gameplay with tycoon game elements.
  • Upgrade locomotives and unlock advanced engines.
  • Create your own valleys with Level Editor or play levels from other players.

Players will have to build an efficient railroad and make sure that no trains will be delayed. The demand of the cities and industries in your valley will only rise so try to keep up.

Train Valley 2 will be released soon on Early Access on Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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