Train Valley is back with Train Valley 2 now in early access!

Train Valley is back with Train Valley 2 now in early access!

Successful train-based puzzle game Train Valley is getting a sequel, that is already available on steam early access for $/€9,99 or your regional equivalent. The well received puzzle game was first released in 2014 focusing on managing traffic and keeping accidents from happening. This new game is more about building up from the ground, starting in the early 1800’s and evolving your rail system and train cars from there, and of course the old scheduling mechanics are all still there too!


  • Enjoy engaging and addictive gameplay which mixes puzzle micromanagement with tycoon elements
  • Discover the history of the railroad in super cute low-poly graphics!
  • Test your skills and talents as a railroad man or woman across 50 levels in its Company Mode.
  • Upgrade your stock of locomotives and unlock advanced engines with 18 locomotives from 6 different generations
  • Produce and ship increasingly sophisticated goods in more than 35 types of train cars
  • Keep your trains coming on schedule to earn enough money to get a stake in new industries
  • Jump into our Level Editor with Steam Workshop integration and create your own Valleys – or play levels from other players!
  • Create and upload your own locomotives, cars, industries, and resources in a game that will be as moddable as possible!

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Train Valley is back with Train Valley 2 now in early access!, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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