Trancelation launches on Early Access October 17th

Trancelation launches on Early Access October 17th

Get your lingo skills ready! Trancelation, a unique neon arcade game about translating words to the rhythm of electronic music, is right around the corner as it arrives on Early Access later this month!

Trancelation is an arcade game set in a world of fractals, electronic music and a neon-esque atmosphere. It’s designed to help improve our language skills and memorize new words. Players need to stay focused in a dynamic environment and asses words that pop up on their screen. All this while having to watch out for enemies and walls that are closing in.

Trancelation was first announced during PGA in 2017 and received some very good feedback from players. They thought the game looked more like an arcade game than an actual language learning game.

„I came up with the idea to create Trancelation as I was struggling to find a good language learning game. Of course there is a number of language apps, but none of them offer a fun video game experience and since I am a devoted gamer – I wanted to address that by creating one myself.” – says Piotr Korgul, a lead developer behind Trancelation.

The game targets fans of other, fast-paced bullet hell games. The Arcade mode was created for these kinds of players as well, introducing pure skill-related gameplay.

Trancelation will be available in Early Access on Steam on October 17th, with most features already implemented in the current version. The full game, with feedback of the players included, is set to release in the first quarter of next year.

The main features of Trancelation are:

  • A one of a kind mix of classic arcade game and language learning platform
  • Fast-paced, engaging gameplay set in a neon, fractal world
  • Word association challenges to boost your linguistic skills
  • Challenges designed to help you recall foreign words immediately
  • A soundtrack that mixes the best of the electronic and trance genres
  • An energetic atmosphere drowned in neon aesthetics
  • The possibility to create your own vocabulary lists and share them with others – infinite amounts of new content!
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