Trashed releases today

Trashed releases today

Today, Crescent Moon Studio has announced the release of Trashed, a new garbage management action adventure game on Steam Early Access.

In Trashed, you will be roaming three different planets in third- person while also building structures for waste management on these planets in a top-down perspective. These buildings have to be defended against incoming enemies with the various weapons you can find or buy on the planet. You can also travel across the surface of each planet with vehicles that can be used for both transportation and pushing trash into incinerators or recyclers. While doing this, you’ll also be following an evolving storyline.

Trashed has now released on Steam Early Access with less than 25% of the total content of the final game. Its core mechanics are still being finished and new content will be added progressively.

Below, you can check out the Early Access Gameplay trailer for Trashed.

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