Trick (VOD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Horror
Director: Patrick Lussier
Distributor: Just Entertainment
Duration: 100 minutes

Trick (VOD) – Movie Review

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Right in time for Halloween we have a horror movie review for you. While we had hoped for it to be a decent flick for once, we sadly have to disappoint you. It’s not good when a movie has you rolling your eyes from start to finish because of the useless gory scenes, the poor writing and the predictability it presents you with. Trick will make you roll your eyes to the point you can actually see your brains.

The story of Trick is a fairly simple one as it revolves around a slasher killer who is presumed dead after his first killing spree. The police manage to nab the culprit in this scenario and takes him to the hospital as he was stabbed by one of his potential victims. He breaks free, kills a few orderlies, gets shot, but his body disappears. When presumed dead, things seemingly calm down, until next Halloween, where he seemingly appears again to kill even more innocent people. This repeats for several years, until the rest of the police force finally believe Detective Mike Denver (Omar Epps), that ‘Trick’ has returned to finish off even more people.

The flow of this movie is quite horrible, as you go from constant murder sequences to a long pause in the middle, to have an overly long chase scene to finish things off. There is no proper flow of the story, and the big reveal happens in the last few moments of the movie. Pretty much everything in this movie is extremely predictable, safe for the plot twist at the end. The latter somewhat takes away the entire horror part of the film, outside of the actual blood and gore that gets sprinkled around during the movie. This could have easily been one of those hour-long movies, rather than a full feature film.

Acting performances are quite ‘meh’ all the way through. While we see a few familiar faces from other productions, things never really get impressive. We reckon this has to do with the fact that the source material the cast members had to work with was absolute garbage. It’s sad to see Omar Epps do the reverse of a normal acting career, where most start off doing shoddy horror pictures, he seemingly works towards them. We hope to see him in bigger and better productions than this mess in the future.

As we watched the VOD version of Trick, we didn’t have the chance to explore any possible extras that would come with the physical edition. That said, if you actually make it till the end of this film, we reckon you are not that interested in viewing possible extras. Other than showing how they handled a few gory bits, the special features would have nothing else to offer.


Trick is one of those generic horror movies that should have never been made. It just feels like it has no point, other than a few gory bits and a certain horrific unkillable slasher like we have already seen in a zillion movies before. We had to take around six sittings to actually get through this ordeal, which makes us feel that people who aren’t reviewing this will have a hard time watching Trick until the credits. If on Halloween we’d have to choose between watching this in the dark, or stomping on a flaming bag of poop on our doorsteps, we’d perform an entire Lord of the Dance show on said bag of poop.

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Trick (VOD) - Movie Review, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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