Triton Survival – Preview
Follow Genre: Survival, Tower defence
Developer: DreamsSoftGames
Publisher: DreamsSoftGames
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Triton Survival – Preview

Good: Cool concept
Bad: Early alpha is basically just to show the idea
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Triton Survival, at first it might sound like yet another survival game or maybe a sponsored title about making the best headsets and surviving the harsh competition. But no, it’s not about the ‘Tritton’ headsets, although it could be that the developers have slightly altered the name just because the brand is widely known. Previewing a game that is so early while still in its Alpha phase isn’t that practical. Most of the time, we get the beta version, which makes it easier to speculate about the finished product. However, the foundation for Triton Survival seems stable enough for a good game.

Beginning your survival on an unknown location boils down to you arriving somewhere on (what seems like) an alien planet. Initially, there is no story or information to be found, you only know that there will be an invasion starting the next day to attack the portal you came through. The best source of story information is the random fact presented on the loading screen. It seems that you have used the portal to get to your destination and aliens want to destroy it so they can invade Earth. They seem to be angry because humans have set up shop on their planet to conduct all sorts of experiments. For now, this is as far as a glimpse of a story goes, let’s hope that there will be a decent story implemented once the game is released.

The early Alpha stage also means that many assets are far from completion. Overall, the game looks and plays like the early tech demo of a product to mainly show the idea and gameplay portion. There’s barely any detail to the assets and the map looks like your draw distance is not further than your nose. Animations are very crude and controls need a lot of tweaking. Music is playing while exploring the map and this isn’t half bad, just a simple tune to keep you accompanied in the vast nothingness of space. Sound effects are, for now, very basic but just like the graphics. It seems that this early access is intended to let the players experience the game quite early on in its development.

The gameplay itself is quite extensive, as this feels like a survival game combined with tower defense. More specifically, you will not only have to build your base to fend off the many hordes of invaders, but you must also gather and craft all the parts needed to build what you want. People who frequent survival titles will know how frustrating gathering different kinds of resources can be. Most games have their maps neatly balanced so you find everything needed in the spawning area and only higher tier stuff needs to be found in harder to reach locations. The most important rule for this is having a spawn area where players can safely find the necessary things and the lack of these can completely ruin a survival game since it stops progress dead in its tracks. Sadly, this issue is currently present. For an unknown reason, one of the most needed ingredients is barely findable. The map is only around a kilometer long and is at the moment fairly empty.

When gathering everything, you will notice that you get XP and level up. You get some skill points each level, which are used to unlock new perks and upgrade your character. The character leveling in this game is very broad and encourages players to grind experience to make you more powerful. Luckily, it’s not all gathering and crafting, you get to shoot monsters as well. In the beginning, you use basic arms to fend off the many waves of invaders knocking at your doorstep. After this first encounter, you probably will have gotten the hang of the game and if you will be able to find copper somewhere, allowing you to start building turrets to make your life easier. The hordes of aliens are very large in number and a good defense will prove necessary after the invasion grows stronger and stronger.


Triton Survival is a game with potential and since it’s in early Alpha, it’s normal that everything is far from polished. The concept is a pretty good one, combining all the aspects from survival games and increasing the action with tower defense objectives. In its current state, there isn’t much to write home about, but it seems that the game is only available for preview purposes at the moment. Hence, it is understandable to create some momentum before releasing the beta to the public.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (4 votes cast)
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Triton Survival – Preview, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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