Tritton Kaiken – Hardware Review
Follow Genre: Headset
Developer: Tritton
Publisher: Tritton
Platform: PS4/PS Vita (Xbox One model available too), semi supported on other devices

Tritton Kaiken – Hardware Review

Good: Price, Sturdy, Quality, Plug and play
Bad: The rubber pad on the side with no ear cup could have been a bit bigger
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While there are many headsets out there that offer sublime sound quality, be it for gaming or listening to your favorite tunes, there are those who prefer to have their speakers blasting, while they can put in an earpiece to chat with their friends online. Thus we decided to discuss the Tritton Kaiken today, which is considerably larger than a normal earpiece and microphone, but offers you the same advantages of combining both your surround system as well as the comfort of a headset, that allows you to communicate a lot clearer and easier (Of course, music can still be played through the ear cup itself). Just like the wine with the same name, we found the Kaiken to be a rather tasteful device.




It’s only natural that this ‘half of a headset’ will look slightly different compared to a conventional headset. Nonetheless, this device still looks quite spiffy, sleek, yet sturdy. You’ll see a rather big ear cup, with a proper exterior finish thanks to the blue logo and the otherwise gridded pattern on the plastic. The hint of blue from the logo gets extended to the headband, on either side.

Other than the sleek black look, there’s not that much when it comes to extra finishing touches, but the entire picture looks rather classy, yet very suitable for all your gaming needs. The headband itself does get a little thinner on the side which has no ear cup, making it feel like a smooth transition from ear cup, to headband, to ‘nothing’.


Even though you only get ‘half a headset’, the Kaiken proves to be rather comfortable and it does not feel like it’s lacking any of the features of a regular headset. The ear cup has a leather-ish finish, which makes sure it feels rather soft, while the cup itself will be able to fully enclose your ear, making sure your ear does not get squished when playing for longer periods of time. As this device is made to use in combination with your regular speaker setup, environment noise will be able to pass through rather easily, and it’s great that it passes through, seeing otherwise you would only hear the music and ambient noises of your game through one ear, making you rather disorientated.

Tritton Kaiken 1

There is ample padding to be found in both the ear cup as well as the headband. You’ll find no discomfort in the finishing touches of the device, except for the end of the headband, which only has a small rubber piece that serves as padding to go right above your vacant ear. While the pressure of the small rubber piece might not be truly uncomfortable, a bit more padding or a longer piece of plastic which would have divided the pressure more, would have been quite nice.

The Kaiken is a very light device, making sure those who aren’t a fan of bulky and heavy headsets will find a lot of comfort in this device. Nonetheless, even in all its lightness, the headset itself is rather sturdy and solid, making sure it doesn’t feel like you have a flimsy budget item on your head.

You’re able to wear the headset on either your right or left ear, but the cable tends to get a bit in the way of the microphone when you decide to cover up your right ear. While it’s not really bothersome, it’s noticeable, at least when you just put it on and are still adjusting the flexible microphone.


  • Online chat
  • 1m cable length
  • 40mm drives
  • 5mm standard jack
  • Flexible microphone
  • Simple audio controls


Tritton’s Kaiken is a case of plug and play, as you’ll simply have to connect the 3.5mm jack with the device of your liking. (As we tested the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version, it’s possible this differs a bit from the Xbox One model.) After this you’ll pretty much have your chat headset ready to go, while the music is still blasting through your speakers. If you decide to use the device in combination with a tablet, smartphone or PC, you’ll be able to use the audio features, but the microphone isn’t supported. Keep in mind that this device was developed mainly for mobile devices or the plugs on console controllers, which causes it to have a shorter cable. While one meter of cable may be sufficient when it’s plugged in your favorite controller, it might be a big short for smartphone or pc usage.

The control box of the Kaiken is very easily accessible and easy to use, as you’ll only have two options to explore. You’ll be able to adjust the volume settings directly and mute or open up the microphone, which tends to be more than enough for a ‘chat’ headset. Nonetheless, the sound quality of this so-called mono chat headset proves to be rather crisp and clear, especially when communicating with your friends (and enemies) online. Again this device does not sell itself short when it comes to sound quality, compared to headsets that are considered full-fledged devices.


Tritton did a great job in creating an entry-level piece of hardware that is certainly on the same level as many more expensive headsets on the market. While you only get one earpiece instead of two, it simply takes a little time getting used to. The sound quality proves to be superb, and the device itself can withstand longer gaming sessions and still feels rather comfortable. If you’re looking for a fun piece of hardware to accessorize your consoles with, this one is worth checking out.

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Rating: 7.9/10 (9 votes cast)
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Tritton Kaiken - Hardware Review, 7.9 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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